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10oz Sunto Compressed Air

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10oz Sunto Off Compressed Air.

  • Description


The Sunto 10oz Air Duster is a high pressure dust removal air canister. A gas powered air blower.

NOTE: Do not use this air duster on your camera sensor.


It is a liquified cleaning gas pressured system with great efficiency and is environmentally friendly. The strong spraying action can clear the contaminated surface, such as dust, particles, rubbish, fuzz etc. Used to get dust from hard to reach places like keyboard spaces, especially if the substance can’t be washed with solvent or be touched.

Accurate spray nozzle and extended tube, with gun-way press trigger to make application easier and more accurate.

Leaves no residue, moisture. The substance is non-flammable.

Wide application: computer, office device, electronic instruments, home appliance, photography equipment, illuminating device, industrial machines, commercial machines.

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