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Assorted refurbished computers & laptops

We carry an assortment of refurbished computers and laptops and we encourage customers to bring in their current unit for a trade.

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We carry a lot of assorted refurbished computers and laptops of various specs and prices from regular Core2Duo units to i5 systems. Usually these computers/laptops are trade-ins from customers that recently upgraded their systems. All of them have been thoroughly refurbished by us so, we can sell them confidently with warranty. As these units have individual specs and pricing, it’s not possible to list them and update them on our website, especially since they don’t stay on our shelves for too long. Please visit the store to see what’s available, we get trades constantly so there is always going to be something that’s right for you. We also encourage our customers to bring their current PC or laptop in for a trade-in towards the purchase of another. We have a minimum set of requirements so please ask in store for more details. We guarantee a safe erase of all data on any computers that come in for a trade.

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