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Custom Built PC

Let us build your dream PC. Ask in store for details.


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Whether you need a file server for your business, a fast workstation for your work or a computer to take your gaming to the next level, you have only 2 choices. Either you buy a “ready-made” PC or, you build it. While there is plenty of choice in the market when it comes to PCs, not every PC is made for the same use nor every user has the same needs or skills. The same PC that someone will find fast is inadequate for someone else. At TECHMANIA, we build it to spec. Here are some reasons why you should come and talk to us about your needs:

  • We customize the build based on your needs and budget
  • We carry all the product and we normally build it the same day or the next
  • We only carry components from the biggest and most reliable brands
  • We build it professionally and manage the internal components and cables making sure your system is cool and quiet
  • We install and configure the OS and make sure everything is optimal before it leaves our shop
  • When buying individual parts, the manufacturer’s warranty usually exceeds the standard 1 year warranty by several years
  • If despite all that something goes wrong, for the first year we take care of everything including the labour and shipping costs when it comes to warranties (must comply with the manufacturers’ guidelines and specs for usage)
  • Our distributors’ warranty policies allow for a much better turn around time than having to deal with the manufacturer directly as an end user as this would be the case when buying online or from a big box store for instance
  • We proudly stand behind our work and product and even offer a TECHMANIA bumper-to-bumper 3 year warranty for a custom build PC (optional)
  • We offer loyalty bonuses and incentives in the form of a gift card with our reward system towards your next purchase

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